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즐거운 주말🌝🌝
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japan to germany


my house looks darker when you leave.
in the morning, i’m going to be gone and
i’m afraid i didn’t capture enough sentiment
in my goodbye.

you thought i didn’t notice the
way your shoulders sank, your fingers already
curled around a cigarette as you left.

to clarify: i’m not in love with you,
and i’m very sorry for that.
to tell the truth: i don’t know if 
this is the right decision and
i wish you’d asked me to stay.

i promised i’d call but
i don’t think i will.

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Floating Garden (by Embrouiille)
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commission of frederick and miriel from fire emblem for domo! (っ⌒‿⌒)っ
 ☆commission info here!! ☆
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